MENS Project

First Fortnight is delighted to announce we are part of the Mental Health European Network of Sports (MENS), which is a new European project funded by Erasmus+.

MENS overall goal is to promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through equal access and participation in sport for all. We are one of 17 participants across 12 countries.

As part of First Fortnight’s involvement, we will be looking at the creation of sport events involving those experiencing mental ill health at a local / national level as part of the Sports For All movement and in making progress towards a European Mental Health Sport Event.

We will also be looking at the implementation of an awareness campaign at European level aiming at building a framework for the connection of Sport with Mental Health

First Fortnight is currently researching a policy paper entitled, Mental Health Stigma in Europe. We are excited by the potential impact that these collective policies will have throughout Europe in relation to mental health, stigma and sports. We have regularly run mental health sports events during our First Fortnight festival each year. Building upon this work is both a natural and important progression of our work.

The project website is currently being constructed but we will be keeping updates on this page- do watch this space!

If you are part of a sports or mental health group and are interested in hearing more, please email

If you have conducted any research into sports and mental health or stigma and would like to help expand our body of review work for our policy papers, please get in touch and email