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#FiveOnFriday with singer Laoise Blog

“It’s crucial that I have a creative space where I can be impulsive and audacious and I don’t have to answer to anyone” Our FiveOnFriday chat is with Laoise – the young Galway singer has just released You, a beguiling slice of atmospheric electro (to stream/purchase on all platforms, Spotify, iTunes etc). Although it has a dark edge, of her current overall aesthetic, she says...

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Calm in your palm – three free Mindfulness apps tried and tested Uncategorised

  WE’VE all heard how practicing mindfulness and meditation can reduce stress – but how to go about it? Even with books and web tutorials showing you the ropes, finding the time and inclination to fit in regular meditation sessions is tricky. This is where Mindfulness apps come in handy – I tested three apps free to download from the App Store (in-app purchases are...

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‘Do It Every Day’ – How to Finish a Creative Project in the Midst of Depression All Posts / Blog

DJ, writer and composer GAVIN PAISLEY describes his struggles to finish a creative project in the midst of depression and what worked to get him through it. “I wrote a piece of music that took two years to finish and during it I suffered a number of depressive episodes. It’s at the bottom of the article as well as the back story and other stuff,...

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