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#FiveOnFriday with Calvin Sweeney Blog

On any given day, a cursory glance at the international sections of the newspaper will inevitably reveal a story of Syria. It’s a familiar tale; a war-torn country in the middle east whose citizens seem powerless in deciding their own fate, or that of their homeland. To many of us, though, that’s where the familiarity ends –  an acknowledgement of an ongoing tragedy, but a certain...

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#FiveOnFriday with artist Lorcan Vallely Blog

For the uninitiated; the impact of the Vallely family on modern Irish art and traditional music is a profound one. Whether it be through guiding aspiring musicians from the grassroots to producing some of the finest art and music available today, the contribution has been immense and continues unabated.  One of them, painter Lorcan Vallely, works mainly with charcoal and oil, creating pieces which are...

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#FiveonFriday with radio producer Julien Clancy Blog

  If you haven’t heard of ‘The Moth’ (storytelling phenomenon/podcast/award-winning radio hour and New York Times bestseller)… don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you have, there’s a good chance it’s due to the subject of this week’s #FiveonFriday; Julien Clancy. As well as bringing ‘The Moth’ (which formed part of FF16) to Dublin, Julien is behind ‘Sounds Alive’ both of which showcase the art of audio...

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