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Sober Minds: an interview with filmmaker Charlo Johnson Blog

Illustration by Toshi Nakamura SOBER MINDS is a short film by Charlo Johnson about the work of Dublin wildlife photographer Paul Hughes, taking visual queues from the snapper’s striking shots of urban wildlife, from fluffy ducklings, swooping gulls to dens full of baby foxes. A contemplative voiceover explains the photographer’s thought processes as he tracks creatures around the waterways and green spaces of the capital,...

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#FiveOnFriday with Humans of Dublin photographer Peter Varga Blog

INSPIRED by the Humans of New York site, Irish-based Hungarian-born photographer Peter Varga took up originator Brandon Stanton’s call to start similar projects in cities worldwide. Peter’s Humans of Dublin, while it may not be the only ‘Humans Of’ project based in the capital, certainly seems to be the most popular – with over 90,000 Facebook followers, the vibrant, often poignant, snapshots of life he...

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