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Beginning to flourish now in Dublin ADW is becoming a household tag on the walls of the city but the work is smarter than the average signature that clutters up the walls driving locals beserk. If you intend to mark the walls say something that makes sense, make me think. ADW tries to do this well and you might have seen Bertie Ahern as an actual Tiger looking meek and out of it or the insane “Insert Ballot Here” that were actually pasted onto a DCC dustbins bottle banks and waste places around the city, better again did you see the leprechaun with empty pockets and no pot of gold? all brilliant snapshots of a conscience.

This time he’s done a piece on wellington Quay and on Temple lane south a fairly familiar sauce bottle that asks about labels. we spoke for a few minutes about how things are and why it was coincidental doing this piece for FirstFortnight

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Aidan Kelly


  1. I absolutely love this idea. I myself have done a lot of art work in the past. I suffer from anxiety and depression every so often..and I know how difficult it is when people dont really understand. or they just think you are being ‘weird’. This is a great project and I think you are couragous for making such beautiful, creative art work with a meaningful message 🙂

    Good Luck.

    • Sarah & Aidan Says: January 19, 2012 at 8:00 pm

      Thanks Laura! Lots of people REALLY care about this cause, it’s been really thrilling to feel the gentle but heavy-duty support from all angles: artists, site owners, helpers, everybody has a someone in their life that they want this to work for. ADW’s work for FF is so very bang on – don’t forget it’s not just the rest of the world that’s guilty of labeling us. The stickiest labels are the ones we put on ourselves 🙂 Sarah

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