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Just off Camden street beside the Simon Community shop there is a rather beautiful black tiled wall that must be there some time now, in an amazing turn of luck the good people at the charity said it could be used for a piece in conjunction with the FirstFortnight festival as long as it had that something special. From talking to Maser quite a bit I know he prefers that special place to do something occasionally for the right reason that cuts across everything else and delivers that one message with a sense of grandeur and great first impression. He doesn’t really need to do this as much these days with the legend song drifting on the wind but there’s still a good deal to prove and this is a perfect oppurtunity. In a sense Masers piece ‘U ARE ALIVE’ caps it all off for FirstFortnight, it’s the simplest of mission statements to anyone who gets distracted enough to see the message which won’t be too difficult considering it’s size. “It’s Ballymun blue” it had all come back to him when we all realised that the Yellow of the shop sat very well with the surrounding blue, nothing like primarys to catch your eye and the message is so incredibly clear and succinct it was a definite moment feeling that the project idea had at last jumped off the paper version and onto the physical wall.

We had a long brilliant day of talking about everything, everything from the future back to the past, Terry from Simon Community the shop on the corner dropped out Kit Kats and tea to keep us warm, she dropped some lines of video too that simplified it all, Eoin worked all day filming and his new 4 month old Lurcher ‘Norris’ hung around like a calming influence, people genuinely stopped and said “Thanks” -they took the message onboard like a conversation which in fact, it was, adopted it as theirs and walked away happier. Some days aren’t going to work out for you, some days will and with the help of Eithne, JP and especially Sarah Bredin, the whole day and result was a success, a landmark for the whole festival to be proud of. the message simple and heartfelt.


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