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Now in its third year, First Fortnight doesn’t need us to tell you how well thought out it is. Of all the oft-forgotten yet important social taboos to target, mental health is clearly still more essential during an economic near-apocalypse. Setting up in early January, a time that’s notoriously gig deficient, was a stroke of genius, and the pricing policy – either five or ten Euro for line ups that would normally cost substantially more – feels just a little like a late Christmas present… Read The Full Article…

Le Galaxie at First Fortnight 2012


  1. i’M RAGIN! i have just discovered this and would have loved to have been a part of it, will check it out in january tho
    still lots of problems with stigma round here it’s endemic i’m afraid but the good fight must go on!!!
    great work with the project keep it up

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