The more I meet artists the more it appears that their work embodies everything that they say, this seems obvious to point out, but in the case of Solus it’s less about being the flavor and vocally telling all and sundry why he exists but more about letting the results say what has to be said. This fits rather well with his demeanor, he’d be a great driving companion as he’s actually quite quiet. He gets on with it, does the hard work without being distracted except for the odd cigarette and coffee and does the job quickly.

In your mind you let him get on with things, you don’t want to distract the process, he’s working it out he’s drifted off and daydreaming about how he got here. Then this piece is close to the bone, he lost his sister only a few years ago and you can hear it in his voice, it helps that this work comes up and that he has the chance to do it for us, but then to think it through, because whilst we gain direct benefit from a strong piece and his calm completion of the message, we shouldn’t forget it has helped him a great deal more.

Aidan Kelly

Interview With The Artist