Hold Fast. Street Art


We’re not great with heights but the job distracts us and thankfully the ladders are big enough to get us up onto a rooftop which is right at the Luas Line on Aran street east, Northside of the city. It’s a fairly large wall that ADW has gratefully accepted for his ‘Hold Fast’ piece but getting eight to ten feet stencils up there was a challenge, and… up one ladder, never mind ourselves and the bottles of fizzy orange and chocolate to keep us going. What is it with street artists and vertigo?

ADW agrees its cold and we try to get started quickly. What becomes apparent is that the Luas is a great deal more frequent than we thought, this means we start to notice people paying attention to us up on the roof, as the piece grows some on bikes stop and take photos with their phones, barristers in their superman cloaks stop stare and shrug their shoulders – we are causing a distraction which is what we’re in the business of doing. And soaking wet stencils.

ADW is joined by Morgan for the continued laughs and moral support, It takes us a couple of layers and filling and only four hours to complete the large piece just before the light goes, there’s no way I’m getting back onto this roof so I scramble everyone to get the area clear and take a decent shot with the four courts in the distance.

We think it’s a long day but it really isn’t, we wrap up and get some noodles, at least we’re in a warm place and as if we didn’t do enough an hour later we get to Moxie studios and I cut down Gerry the spider and have them all ready for the pasting next day. Talk about a full on day.

I think JP’S drop off of fizzy Orange did the trick.

Talking to ADW

Aidan Kelly