You Are Every Thing Street Art


As the days go on new works make it to the walls when the featured artists get them organized, as the stencils get cut, or the cans are picked up, designed on desktops in studios elsewhere or they answer their phones and the words come together on a simple sheet of paper, the process is good for everyone and the story gets told.

I had an interesting conversation recently whilst talking about the aims of FirstFortnight in which a good friend said how great the idea was but how theatrical it all was, that we were using the walls of the city to say what we wanted to say, that the walls of Dublin could be used to shout about ideas like theatre did back when there wasn’t as many distractions. Very interesting idea.

There’s no better theatre than Morgan’s ‘You are Every Thing’ stretching across a couple of metres black and white simple and striking. Morgan wants to get under the skin of this city he does this by being allsorts, part graphic designer, instagram nut, photography music stickers and full on vocal about everything till it’s fixed. We agree as much as we disagree and in this strange time that counts for a stable relationship, he’s a good man in a bad town.

Looking like everyone has turned up on Temple lane south for the install including Lollie my  Cavalier who acted as project manager instead of Miko the pasting commenced and Will St Leger was on hand with his skills as a poster boy for Greenpeace. What most of us didn’t expect was the overall size of the work and its pure graphic. If theatre was what you want then this was Act one. Act two to commence in The Workman’s club during the actual festival or just before it with a completely hand painted ‘CHIN UP’ for their outside area. Have a look and I dare you to resist taking a photo of it as you pass.

Aidan Kelly

Morgan Interview