Butterflies Street Art


It’s fairly scarce to see pretty girls painting on walls anywhere, concentrating on promoting the female form Friz gently but quickly covers a great deal of space in one days work. Marian Noone from Belfast up north is the newest artist to join our crew at the street art level for firstfortnight. You can tell she has worked with these kind of issues before, there’s a hint she represents a signature of work least seen elsewhere and her piece inspired by a previous collaboration in another part of the country led her to do this large scale mural.

Over three large panels on the near end of Crow street a beautiful woman’s transition from crumbling to butterflies is a sublime take on the way some days are heavier than others. She explains where the inspiration came from and why she chose this type of figure, The heroic and beautiful female form which is a staple in her work.

Aidan Kelly

Talking to FRIZ