Keep the Wolf from the door. Featured / Street Art

James Earley

From an early start at NCAD in Dublin, James Earleys background wouldn’t be traditionally steeped in train bombing or throw-ups on illegal spots around the back streets of the city, he has more of a graphic and design background, fine art with subject driven works that help send a message, he is just as comfortable in arenas that are commercial and brand led as being up at the top of a forty foot ladder painting animals.

His series of works on the extinct Irish Elk have stood out from the rest, his clever use of them as a metaphor for the way the countries elite discard it’s people like its depicted icons of Irish wildlife show us that his thought process is different then most others, on the scene they talk about him as a painter in the actual sense and therefore ideally different for Firstfortnights aims.

It was myself who suggested to him knowing his previous work that maybe these leans days could be akin to keeping the wolf from the door. What’s mine is mine and I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep it, would that be something he’d consider? I did love the idea that James Earley could easily tackle a Wolf and nail it.

The result is a vast sweep of a piece with a colour palatte that’s impressive. All with a little help from Kevin next door in the Ideal Fruit Company, the sound of the passing Luas trains and a fearless friend Sam who cut the work in half.

Aidan Kelly