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FOLK foursome Mongoose have been tucked away writing and recording new material aiming to “emerge as beautiful moths” in time for the summer festivals – but First Fortnight managed to infiltrate their efforts for a brief #FiveOnFriday chat.
Last year the self-proclaimed Dublin ‘jolk’  band (jazz-folk) released their self-titled debut album brimming with beautiful harmonies and taking much joy in their musical quirks with influences as various as Fleetwood Mac and Beyonce.

They have a scheduled date at Phizzfest 2016 (Phibsborough Arts Community & Festival) on April 28 and will be popping up to try out the fruits of their labour with a few low-key acoustic shows. Stay tuned to mongoosetunes.com for more.
Q. How has 2016 been for you as a band so far… ?
A. It’s been a promising start to 2016 for us. We played the Vibe for Philo in Vicar Street at the beginning of January, and got ourselves a rehearsal space which we are making full use of – writing and working on new material.
Q. In the wake of the election, what changes would you most like to see happen in Ireland, either in general or in the arena of the arts?
A. We’d like to see the government make the repeal of the 8th amendment a priority, and it goes without saying that more funding for the arts is always appreciated. Also are they aware that the weather’s all over the place? Acknowledging climate change would be great!
Q. You recently played Abner Brown’s Women in Music gig series…how did that go down? How is your live calendar shaping up for the next while? 
A. Abner’s was lovely, it was nice to be part of that series of gigs. Our live calendar has taken a bit of a back seat at the moment as we’re focusing on new material. We’ll be back in the summer with a ton of festivals, is the plan!
Q. What’s your favourite track to perform live and why?
Picking a favourite live track is very tricky…we love all our babies equally. We’re excited to be showcasing our new stuff at the moment, at various acoustic nights and such.
Q. What are your four go-to songs to listen to when you’re feeling down or in need of inspiration?
Our top go-to songs include: Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac

The Barley Mob, You’ll Never Be Lost When You’ve Got Music

Declan O’Rourke – Lightning Bird Wind River Man

Wildewoman by Lucius

For more information see mongoosetunes.com, and see @mongoosetunes on twitter/youtube etc.

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