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ART collective Peachy Dublin invite you to a three day festival of art, music and ideas in Dublin’s Templebar Studios this weekend, based around the concept of Fear. It features artwork by established and new names, including street artist Maser and a collaboration with the
Repeal the 8th Project.

Here Peachy’s Clare O’Hanlon explain what it’s all about…

Q. What’s the idea behind Peachy and how did it get started? Why the theme of Fear?

Peachy since inception has been driven by the public, to create attainable and unreserved art that everyone can enjoy. The original concept was the idea of Rebecca Bermingham, to leave a box around the city and allow the public to interact with it confidentially. These thoughts would be given to artists to create pieces, that would then be sold and a charity partner would benefit from. Last year, our outline was specifically for Mental Health awareness, and normalising the everyday thoughts we have. We asked people to submit their Hope, Fears and Dreams and partnered with Aware. Fear is particularly pertinent to 2016 with everything that has happened worldwide to date, but also to hone in on people’s everyday fears and address these.

Q. Why is it important that the public be the drivers of this project?

To engage them and allow them to interact with art. We quite explicitly state that Peachy welcomes everyone. Art, in a loose term, can alienate, or people can feel discouraged because they don’t understand, ourselves included. We feel our concept is quite easy to conceive and this translates to how it is displayed, with the thought next to each artist’s piece. This is something that everyone is welcome to attend and we make that quite clear.

Q. What was the reaction to last year’s exhibition?

We were quite overwhelmed to be honest. When we took a moment to look around we were incredibly proud of what we had achieved as a group doing this for the first time, and working full time. Last year was funded by our Kickstarter and this year we are going alone, funding it ourselves and splitting sales three ways (between ourselves to cover all costs, the artist and Ana Liffey Drug Project). I suppose when you compare it to how Peachy came to fruition last year, we needed to learn and craft this year better. People are no longer wondering what rewards they will get and are immediately engaged from the offset. We had to hone in on the experience they had last year and amplify that to make Peachy 2016 bigger and better. We’ve learned an awful lot, in terms of planning, logistics, organisation and also friendship.

Q. What can we expect from your exhibition/festival in Templebar Studios from August 19-21? 

A weekend of art, culture and music, where everyone is welcome. Quite frankly, it is a really enveloped range of artists, some established, some displaying at their first exhibition. That was something that was also really important, to showcase a diverse range of artists in both style and notoriety.

Maser is obviously a massive name as well as Gearoid O’Dea. The two lads have had incredible pieces of work displayed over the last few months between the Repeal Mural and Women of The Rising street art. Then Sketchy Inc, Neil Dunne, Claudine O’Sullivan and Jacob Stack, but there are so many incredible pieces that we’ve had submitted that deserve the mention. We are holding the PEACHY X REPEAL event on Saturday afternoon with The Repeal Project and also an evening gig with Sofar Sounds Dublin.

The Repeal campaign feels like one of the most important and creative political movements I’ve experienced in Ireland in my adult lifetime…can you detail some of the ideas and impetus behind your collaboration with the campaign? 

Us too. I think personally that the Yes Equality campaign that was voted for offline, was cultivated and won online through driving it digitally. It feels like someone similar is happening in terms of the Repeal the 8th movement. The suggestion came from myself to pair with The Repeal Project and we feel our two ideas correlate perfectly. I’m quite a staunch proponent that bodily autonomy is a basic and intrinsic right and that the most measured decision maker for a women’s body, is the women in question. I do understand that isn’t everyone’s though. We had a conversation as a team and were all of the consensus that this was the right decision for Peachy and it would serve to benefit and educate. It also propelled us as a team to have a dialogue about repealing the 8th amendment.

So you anticipate all kinds of people coming in to check out what its all about…

It was really nice last year seeing artists and strangers enjoying the exhibition with their grandparents, parents and little siblings. Every age group could understand. That was, and continues to be something that remains very important.

Fear by Peachy Dublin is in Templebar Studios from Friday-Sunday, August 19-21. All pieces will be available to buy with a percentage of each sale going to The Ana Liffey Drug Project. See peachydublin.com

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