This beautiful exhibition was created in the midst of participants’ personal struggles and distress. Discover the passion of beauty that emerges where we imagine none. An inspirational group of people experiencing their individual difficulties have enjoyed the freedom of expression through creating varied forms of art as part of their recovery. This exhibition includes pieces created by present and past members over the past eight years and forms an uplifting and heart warming exhibition.  

How the creative group helps my mental wellbeing:

“warm, friendly safe environment in which we work and create together”

“helps me to relax and learn to make arts and crafts”

“I feel it enables me to be myself in a safe, peaceful, happy and non-judgemental way, relaxing, the best day of the week!”

“Something else to focus on, relaxed social atmosphere”

“I made new friends, discovered new talents”


Park View House provides support as part of the Donegal Mental Health Service.  

This exhibition is in partnership with Donegal Local Mental Health Forum and created by Park View House Creative Group in conjunction with the Intercultural Platform.


The Creative Art Exhibition was formed through consultation and partnership with Park View House, a community based centre within the Donegal Mental Health Service. The centre supports people dealing with life stressors. The Creative Art Group was developed to provide a creative and therapeutic outlet within the Donegal Mental Health Service and this group has been running successfully for the past eight years.  The group incorporate a wide range of creative artists who create their Art as part of their mental wellbeing and as part of their mental health experience. The group has produced a wide variety of art work, including painting on canvas, pastel work, textile, quilt making, printing, mosaic, light sculptor and willow sculptor.

The Creative Art Group has previously held four successful exhibitions in Letterkenny including the Regional Cultural Centre, December, 2011; Artco Gallery, June 2012 and An Grianan Theatre, September 2013 and January 2016.  In collaboration with the Donegal First Fortnight volunteer group consisting of Service Users in partnership with HSE Mental Health, CAWT (Cooperation and Working Together) Innovation Recovery College and corporate partners the Creative Art Group are delighted to exhibit as part of First Fortnight 2020.

The exhibition is for all ages but children should be accompanied by an adult.

Presented by First Fortnight in partnership with Donegal Local Mental Health Forum

Event has now passed
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