• Galway

With just over a year to go until Galway hosts the European Capital of Culture in 2020, First Fortnight is delighted to team up with Galway 2020 on First Fortnight 2019 for an exciting programme o...

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    14:30 January 19, 2019 Galway
    18:30 January 16, 2019 Dublin

In Between Silence, where we really exist is a sensory experience and a master class in storytelling, using beautiful soundscapes to subtly underscore the beautiful complexity of the human experience.

  • January 12, 2019 19:00 Dublin

A Smashing Times evening of performances, music, film screenings, presentations and a panel discussion using the arts to promote Positive Mental Health and Well-Being.

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    19:30 January 08, 2019 Dublin
    19:30 January 09, 2019 Dublin
    19:30 January 10, 2019 Dublin
    19:30 January 11, 2019 Dublin
    19:30 January 12, 2019 Dublin

Captain’s Log, Stardate (whatever). A star-bound journey that looks at mental health and the stories we tell ourselves when we feel most alone. Winner of the First Fortnight Award at the D...

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    19:30 January 03, 2019 Dublin
    19:30 January 04, 2019 Dublin
    19:30 January 05, 2019 Dublin
    09:30 January 08, 2019 Waterford
    09:30 January 09, 2019 Waterford
    19:30 January 09, 2019 Waterford

Gifty Wiafe, is a young woman from Ghana now living in Germany, who lights up the stage with her unique blend of humour, heart, wit and truth. She dances, tells stories, plays drums and sings. “Of ...

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    14:00 January 16, 2019 Dublin
    14:00 January 18, 2019 Dublin
    11:00 January 19, 2019 Dublin

Created and performed with community participants and professional performers WOMB creates a parallel perspective on woman and society. “Woman in form has always been the same. Woman’s welfare h...

  • January 18, 2019 20:00 Kildare

Jack Thorne's Burying Your Brother in the Pavement is a play that tackles the story of a teenage girl grieving for her dead brother with emotional honesty and imaginative flair.

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    20:00 January 14, 2019 Dublin
    20:00 January 15, 2019 Dublin
    20:00 January 16, 2019 Dublin
    20:00 January 17, 2019 Dublin
    20:00 January 18, 2019 Dublin
    20:00 January 19, 2019 Dublin
    14:00 January 19, 2019 Dublin

Created and performed with community participants and professional performers WOMB creates a parallel perspective on woman and society.

  • January 05, 2019 14:00 Louth

Sound Sketch is a unique concert featuring tutors from a local music school, Grow Music, including Breifne Holohan, Heather Oakes, Andrea Delaney, Emma Kiernan, Roisín Ward Morrow and more. Attende...

  • January 12, 2019 20:00 Dublin

Join us at the First Fortnight Big Gig 2019 for a big night of music and dancing. As always, The Big Gig brings together a very special lineup of artists featuring Mango X Mathman, Paddy Hanna, Mol...

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    20:00 January 11, 2019 Dublin
    20:00 January 04, 2019 Dublin

Therapy Sessions is a staple of First Fortnight Festival, an eclectic night of music and spoken work that should not be missed. Acclaimed spoken word poet Stephen James Smith returns to MC and prog...

  • January 11, 2019 20:00 Westmeath

First Fortnight arrives in Mullingar for an unmissable night of mental health talks, graffiti and live music, involving some of the town’s best local talent. There will be speakers from Little Thin...

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