This day-long event will feature contributions from Inspire Wellbeing Facilitators and Participants and Creative Spark’s Art as Exchange Artists’ Group.

Starting with the theme of “I Am What I Am” we invite people to bring their art and creativity out of the home or studio and into the community. Any and all art forms are welcome including Painting, Poetry, Sculpture, Photography, Singing/Song writing, Dancing...

 Creative Spark will provide an interactive community exhibition space, which inspires people to share self-expression in their community:

 • Share and make art with like-minded people

• Experience the creativity and self-expression of others

• Connect with others in the community

• Encourage others to be creative with some interactive audience art including Crowd Poetry activity on the day, audience participation in songs, and the creation of a joint artistic piece symbolising self-expression (where every person can contribute a small piece)

• Get out of the house on a gloomy winter day, and be inspired to “create sparks” with others.


Event has now passed
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