Klinkerdin – Performing Arts Salon, presents new talent as well as established artists and performers. For First Fortnight, we will have a vibrant mix of theatre, music, poetry, comedy and more. Most of the acts are drawn from the Common Ground membership, a co-operative, community-based group, located in Bray, County Wicklow.
This event explores the themes of young and older people’s experience of depression, how modern life in Ireland impacts that experience, and how we can ‘endure well’ through the transformative power of human connection and artistic expression. Common Ground Bray is a meeting of hearts and minds to create a sustainable and workable community. Mindfulness, ethics and ecology are at the centre of this shared vision. A contradiction to the isolation, alienation and stress of modern life, Common Ground facilitates connection and open discussion of all aspects of our shared human experience in a compassionate and safe environment. Klinkerdin is the performing arts outlet for these values and ideas.

Music Theatre Poetry Comedy

Event has now passed
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