The characteristics of successful entrepreneurs include: creativity, discipline, enthusiasm, courage and determination.  While forming new ideas and developing relationships is an important part of building a start-up, emotional and psychological resilience is also key resource for individuals to develop and nurture.  Start-ups can be demanding, and expose entrepreneurs to high levels of stress associated with a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment, high workloads and responsibility, long working hours and financial stress.  Moreover, self-worth and psychological well-being can be intimately connected to the success of such ventures leaving entrepreneurs at risk of psychological problems. Entrepreneurial resilience is and well-being are crucial factors in the growth and productivity of business ventures.                                                                                                                     


This year First Fortnight have partnered with Neil Kelders (Mental Health Ambassador, International Speaker and Performance & Wellbeing Coach) and Dogpatch Labs to explore resilience and mental health in start-up communities.  This interactive session for members of Dogpatch Labs aims to help attendees recognise stress and mental health vulnerability in themselves and their colleagues, to gain insight into how a person with mental health difficulties might struggle and access a language to speak to others about it, how to ask for help and/or offer support.  Following Neil’s talk, a Q&A session will include Dr Pauline Moloney (Senior Clinical Psychologist and First Fortnight Trustee).


This 1 hour workshop is limited to members of Dogpatch Labs, CHQ only.

Presented by First Fortnight in partnership with Dogpatch Labs and Neil Kelders

Event has now passed
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