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First Fortnight in partnership with Instituto Cervantes present
 Short but Sweet/ Lo Bueno, Si Breve, Dos Veces Bueno, a series of 4 Spanish and Portuguese 
award winning short films exploring a range of mental health issues. 



Image result for desanimado cortometraje

Image result for spanish flag  Desanimado (2011) de Emilio Martí López

Un dibujo animado siente que no encaja en el mundo “real”. Criticado y rechazado, intenta solucionar su malestar en el diván de un psicoanalista, reflexionando sobre qué significa ser diferente. 

Image result for british flag  A cartoon character feels rejected by the 'live-action' world he lives in which dislikes everybody who is different. The character reflects on the nature of prejudice and has to decide to either adapt to the norm or dare to live as he is.


Image result for amar isabel herguera








Image result for spanish flag  Ámár (2010) de Isabel Herguera

Inés viaja a la India a visitar a su amigo Ámár, que vive desde hace años internado en un sanatorio mental. Inés recuerda los últimos días que pasaron juntos y su promesa de regresar.

Image result for british flag  Ines travels to exotic India to visit her friend Ámár, who has spent recent years in a mental institution. Ines remembers the last days they spent together and her promise to return. 



Image result for spanish flag  Ama (2017) de Irene Aguirre Lamas

Una entrevista invertida. Madre e hija intentan ponerse en el lugar de la otra y comprender lo que a veces no se puede, no se sabe o no se quiere decir.

Image result for british flag   A reversed interview. Mother and daughter try to put themselves in each other's place in an attempt to understand what we sometimes don't want, or simply don't know how to express.


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Image result for portuguese flag  Muletas (2017) de Luis Campos 

Uma família quebrada junta-se para comemorar a ceia de Natal quando a filha que sofre de doença mental vem a casa pela primeira vez desde que foi internada.

Image result for british flag A heart-warming tale exploring when a broken family reunites for Christmas dinner when their daughter comes home for the first time since she was institutionalised.

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