Spoken Word

When the young woman allows her father to cut her hands off with a silver axe, she thinks she is doing it for the best. And then when she meets the Prince and he buys her a pair of magic silver hands, she also thinks its best to wear them even though they hurt.

What will happen to the young woman? Will she stay in the palace with her silver hands or will she run away and find out who she really is?

Baya Salmon-Hawk will facilitate this storytelling workshop online.

Together, we will explore the impact of this little known tale and reflect on our own experience of doing something because “It’s for the best” and explore if we have our very own “silver hands” and what we could do to regain our freedom.

This event is suitable for adolescents and adults but not suitable for children.

Running Time : 1hour 30 minutes

Event has now passed
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