Spoken Word

Story telling session of hope. Storyteller Baya Salmon-Hawk will encourage us to take our own message from the interrelated stories of the Salmon of Knowledge and Sir Gawain's search for the Holy Grail. Perceval is a young man who knows what the Grail can do, he knows he could have it, but he cannot allow himself to ask the correct question because his mother told him asking questions was rude! How often do we encounter our dreams, our dearest wishes and at the last minute find a reason not to have them? We say “I am too old/too poor/too fat” or “I have not got the time”. Themes to be explored include; searching and reaching out for what we need to fulfil us, the obstacles we and others put in the way, and the positive energy we create when we stretch and take up our calling 


The audience will be encouraged to participate in this event, through answering and asking questions, and where appropriate sharing their own experience.  


Note: Ticketing is by invitation only for the school events.


Event has now passed
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