First Fortnight Festival aims to reduce mental health stigma through the arts; providing space to spark conversation and expression. The festival takes place in January of each year, and we are committed to providing a festival that reflects the diverse nature of Irish society today. First Fortnight wants to make sure we are reaching as wide an audience as possible; when it comes to mental health and art, it's really important.

The online survey we are conducting will help us learn where the gaps and barriers are and enable us to create a festival that is representative of today's Ireland.
What makes First Fortnight feel like a festival for you?
How can First Fortnight feel more like a festival for you?
What does a space facilitating safe discussion look like to you?
What does a space prioritising safety of expression look like to you?
We acknowledge that topics raised in this survey are all very separate issues with their own complexities, and we will look to use the information gathered here to further explore the issues raised. This survey is one part of a larger framework of public consultation.
Click here to participate!
Closing date March 12th.
You are a part of our community and we want your feedback to influence our cultural action and future programming.
Musician and writer Jess Kavanagh is leading out on the gathering of this information.
Jess will be having one on one converations with different organisations and community groups to hear their feedback too. If your group are interested in speaking with Jess, please email for more information.
We are grateful to the Arts Council for supporting us in this public consultation.
Kindly supprted by the Arts Council

Event has now passed
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