Journalist and broadcaster Nadine O'Regan will be joined by acclaimed Irish artist Cathy Davey, author and psychotherapist Siobhán Murray, and arts journalist Dave Hanratty of to discuss the issue of anxiety and how artists may often navigate around the condition as they go on in their careers.


Cathy Davey will speak about her personal experience of anxiety -- and how she abandoned her music career for a time in order to get her health back on track, finding a new kind of inspiration in her work with animals (she is one of the people who run the My Lovely Horse Rescue Charity), while Dave Hanratty, who has written powerfully on mental health issues, and Siobhán Murray will share their feelings about how artists can find struggles with their mental health to be a spur or barrier to creativity. Murray started her career in the music industry but was inspired to change her life when she became a single mum to her two sons. She retrained in counselling and psychotherapy, established her own clinic in 2010 and is the author of the new book The Burnout Solution (Gill Books).


They'll be accompanied by a live performance by the exciting Irish artist I Have A Tribe, and other musical contributions on the night.



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