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This event is presented in partnership with Science Gallery and will run from Jan 7-Jan 19.

An exhibition of colourful energetic and emotive paintings which celebrates the coming together of an inspirational group of people telling stories of struggles with mental health during their life at some point.

Artist Emma Sh

eridan met each of the sitters to start a conversation about their experiences. By connecting these people Emma is communicating the idea that mental health may be each faced alone by those affected while being part of a wider, invisible community.

Warpaint shows that we are never on our own despite appearances during those dark times. All of these people have experienced their own version of human suffering and found different ways to recover. This shows the incredible capacity for people to heal which is a message of hope we would like to teach others.

Emma is an artist and mother of two. Her work is inspired by her own journey to recovery from perinatal mental health issues she experienced after her first birth.



Emma Sheridan will be hosting a workshop on Sat 12 Jan 2pm
*Please note: For reasons beyond our control this workshop will not be taking place. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Joe Caslin and Gearoid O'Dea will be facilitating mental health and art themed workshops on Wed 16 Jan and Wed 9 Jan respectively at 3 & 6pm.

Please see Science Gallery for more info and booking details.


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