Thu 13 Jan, 7pm
What if Britney Spears was Irish? Britney Spears’ experience of the conservatorship process in America has captured the world’s attention. The hashtag #FreeBritney was trending worldwide and multiple documentaries have been released to share Britney’s story. People quickly learnt about a piece of the American legal system that has been debated and criticised worldwide: conservatorship At our First Fortnight Panel event we ask, what if Britney Spears was Irish? 
This panel discussion will explore the Irish version of conservatorship, and the historic changes coming in 2022 with the commencement of the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015. 
The event will be chaired by the CEO of Mental Health Reform and feature a panel of experts, who will discuss the concept of capacity, the newly established Decision Support Service, and the challenges that remain in ensuring people with mental health difficulties are being heard, and their decisions respected. 
The event will ask the questions; what does the future of supported decision making look like for Ireland, and how will it be realised?

Event has now passed
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