• January 06, 2019 18:30 Dublin

Slam Sunday is delighted to hop off the sun lounger and break its hiatus to again be a part of First Fortnight.

Sold Out
  • January 06, 2019 15:00 Dublin

Three creatives in the fields of writing and visual art, Arnold Thomas Fanning, Sara Baume and Eoghan O’Driscoll, discuss their experience and thinking on the links between creativity and mental il...

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    13:00 January 05, 2019 Dublin
    13:00 January 06, 2019 Dublin
    13:00 January 12, 2019 Dublin
    13:00 January 13, 2019 Dublin

Polish visual artist Andrzej Mazur works collaboratively with 12 people experiencing homelessness helping them to describe their own personal journeys and map them across Europe with multiple st...

  • January 06, 2019 11:30 Cork

First Fortnight have teamed up once again with Leads2Love, Ireland’s first and only Dating and Walks App for dog lovers to celebrate the mental health benefits of having a dog.

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