Festival Unwrapped: Finishing Point!

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✨Saving the Best until Last✨

We hope you have been enjoying the festival so far. Some of the best is still to come over the next few days, not forgetting the Coalesce exhibition is live until February 28th!

Read on to find out about some of our most exciting events coming up.




Dance Ireland Workshops


Feel like dancing? Lucky for you, we have a number of events coming up with Dance Ireland! 

ME. MY HOUSE. MY DANCE. with Clint Lutes is a playful workshop involving improvisation based movement games. Clint's hope is to connect you to your body, in your space, and connect us all across virtual boundaries, with humour and sincerity. Taking place January 15th 3pm.


And if you value theory over practice, join us for DANCING LIVES AND MENTAL HEALTH panel discussion on January 16th at 6pm. Dancers can face many challenges and stressors, how do you look after your mental health while developing your career? An expert panel including international dance artists Adrienne Truscott, Tobi Omoteso, and Sydney Magdalene Magruder Washington in conversation with Dr. Aoife McGrath will talk in detail around this.


Borrisokane Is Dancing is an augmented reality site-specific choreography experienced through your mobile phone, and which makes use of 360 degree film. Co-created and performed by both migrant and host communities in Borrisokane, the work will draw from Instant Dissidence’s background in contemporary dance, whilst also embracing popular dance culture, and traditional/folk dance forms from the countries of origin of the migrant and host communities. Launching January 17th at 11am.


Yoga Drawing Jam / Íoga ’S Líníocht

Log on and have a yoga mat, drawing materials and an open mind at the ready! This bilingual video workshop, led by artist/yoga teacher Maria Coleman (Comhcheol Arts and Wellness) will allow you to experiment with both practices to discover their wellness-boosting possibilities.



Theatre by SoloSIRENs

Enthroned by Jenny Macdonald taking place January 14th and 16th at 7.30pm.

Princess Jenny is an everyday heroine on a quest to become a queen with a throne of her own. Along the way she needs to fend off some adversaries from both outside and within. A ritualistic, modern fairytale that travels the world discovering the things we need to say and what it takes to say them.


Baggage by Nicole Rourke taking place January 15th and 17th at 7.30pm

This is the story of a women unpacked. The seams have burst, the lid is lifted, her secrets are out. Baggage takes us on a dark comic journey from a small town in Ireland to the dance floors of Buenos Aires. This is not a coming of age story - she is far too old for that. This is a coming of rage!


Under The Skin (Sous La Peau)

“Today we speak of LGBTI, but there are more letters! There aren't enough letters in the alphabet to describe the diversity of humanity." Effie Alexandra

Filmed over two years, this documentary follows three transgender teenagers – Soän, Effie Alexandra and Logan – in the midst of their transition. Sensitive and powerful, Under the Skin explores the challenges faced by these teens, and the strength and courage it takes to be themselves.

Available to rent from January 12th-15th.


Empowered Voices

Join us on January 17th at 2pm for Empowered Voices, a reflection on and showcase of the work of Geoff Finan and a group of Traveller men, including a reading of the poem ‘Gloke’ and a showing of the film “It Doesn’t Matter”, followed by a panel discussion.


So now you know the festival is not winding down yet!

Remember that events start on time! Try to log on early or you risk missing the beginning!

Have a look at our website for more events and follow us on social media.

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