First Fortnight Quarantine HYGGELIG Community News Part IV

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We are here til May 5th but as a wise fish once put it....

Just Keep Swimming Dory


And a lot of people are getting super creative with their time!


This Couple Decided To Recreate 21 Famous Movies While In Lockdown And Completely Nailed It


If movies, aren’t your thing, you could join the challenge to recreate famous works of art! People are going all out!



Halloween costumes are not just for Halloween, sometimes they are also for quarantine!



Baking has become a great pastime for people, but if all the flour has been nabbed in your local shop, you can still enjoy some baking fun watching celebrities’ triumphs and tribulations in the Great British Bake Off Tent.


Classes and technology were bound to results in some mishaps and fun.

Here are 17 Funny, Silly, And Heartwarming Moments That Happened In Online Classes During Quarantine.


Free musicals! Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is calling all musical lovers! He’ll be releasing a full-length, smash-hit musical once a week for you to watch for free!


People are still being incredibly creative to stay fit and fundraise!

Retired veteran Tom Moore is walking 100 lengths of his garden for NHS Charities Together before his 100th birthday at the end of the month!


While another man fundraised and climbed his stairs to reach great heights like the Everest Equivalent!



Artist Ruti Lachs will help keep children engaged and entertained, possibly for hours, with her music videos for children aged 0 to 7, and their bigger people, made in her home during the current lockdown. 

Videos are available free on YouTube, and you can follow Active Music on Facebook, or Ruti Lachs on Twitter and Instagram, to get updates when the next videos are produced. 


Here are some options:

"Stomping In The Woods Video 1: EleMouse"  

"Stomping In The Woods Video 2: Jump!"    

"Stomping In The Woods Video 3: Breakfast Fairies"  


Enjoy the singing, dancing, listening, action, and stomping fun!  


And for the adults and parents!

Poetry Day Ireland Close Reading Workshop
Date: April 30th
Time: 1pm
Join Jenny and Sophie for an Instagram Live Workshop exploring Seamus Heaney's poetry. The selected poems will relate to the theme of Poetry Day Ireland 2020 - 'there will be time.' This interactive workshop will provide background and analysis, and viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts and questions about the poems.
Contact info:


Some Italians are very creative with their social distancing toasting!


Sometimes a good distraction is a jigsaw, but what if you have none? Or you and your family have already made them 5 times already? Fear not- Cooper Gallery have got you sorted with a daily online jigsaw that is bringing out the competitive side of a lot of people!

Jigsaw puzzle


And finally more good news with John Krasinski!



Remember there's support out there for those who may need it. 

For people who need help managing at home the following are the top ten pieces of advice the HSE recommends:


1. Stay connected - keeping in touch with people, and talking about how you feel, can really help

2.  Create a routine - if you’re at home, getting up, staying active and eating at regular times helps you feel

more in control

3.  Stay Active - whether you’re indoors or can still go out for exercise, move around as much as you can

4.  Have a healthy diet - this advice never changes - but eating well really does help your mood

5.  Reduce stress - you’re not working from home - you’re at home, in a crisis, trying to work or

homeschool children. There’s lots of great ways to reduce stress.

6.  Stop scrolling – switch off - it’s good to keep informed but try to limit how much news you’re following

and take a break every day

7.  Get creative - try some activities like painting, singing, dance. No one is watching. 

8.  Help others - see if your neighbours need any help with shopping or medicines

9.  For those cocooning – look for supports from the Community Call lines in each area

10.  Visit for more Sources and Services that can help



Remember we are getting through this together, as Sister Sledge put it "We are Family!"


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