First Fortnight Quarantine HYGGELIG Community News Part VII

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We have been here before, but here are some new finds for you to enjoy and hopefully help activate your Hygge Mode!



So in case you were wondering where does that mean you can go to now, you don't need to pull out a map and a piece of string and draw a circle. The 2km from home team, have a 5km function on their website


Creatives Unite

An Artists and Creatives Community Covid-19 Resource Platform has been created by the sector for the sector. They've created one place to gather collectively all the relevant initiatives/information from opportunities to good practice, tools, funding, and research across Europe.

Alliance Francaise

The Alliance Française Dublin's Cultural Centre has gone fully online! Join them on Zoom and Facebook for live cultural events including workshops, screenings, readings, theatre performance, drawing, music, cooking, online board games and more!  


Irish Times List

The Irish Times created a handy list of 80 fine food shops and restaurants delivering during the lockdown. It's amazing to read about how many businesses have had to adapt, go online and how well they are knocking it out of the park, while here I am just trying to figure out how to share a screen on Zoom!


You have a chance to go on virtual tours, including a tour of of the International Space Station, thanks to NASA!




Tiny Plays!

Fishamble have been running a weekly tiny play writing challenge with a theme each week, this week it's Change with deadline 8th May! And you can check out previous entries from other weeks on their website for tiny creative treats! More info here.




Jigsaw have some great webinars recorded on their website offering support to parents and teachers supporting young people.




Vimeo team picked filmmakers chronicling eight small businesses from across the world as they navigate a world in flux; including a dance studio, a NYC Taiwanese restaurant, a bike shop, a sea urchin diver, a remote hairstyling hairdresser,  an artist, a comic book store owner, and a plant shop owner. Check them out here. 



Creatives Against Covid-19

Creatives Against Covid-19 called on the creative industry to design and donate inspiring posters to raise funds for vulnerable women and children during the current crisis. The result? Over 1,000 posters, from over 30 countries, were designed and submitted within 7 days. All posters are currently on sale at A3 size and all proceeds will be donated equally between ISPCC Childline and Women's Aid.

The gorgeous example below is by Emma Loughlin.

Warning: looking through all the prints might make you feel the feels and smile and donate a bunch of money to two great causes to get some great art.

Triskel Art Centre


This week, Triskel Art Centre have double the violin treats for you on Friday 8th May. Keith Pascoe joins them for their At Home with Triskel series where he will premiere a number of works by different composers while Piece by Piece features Cora Venus Lunny an improviser and composer who has played with Nigel Kennedy and Sinead O’Connor. For more info, see here.


Nicola Anthony

Artist Nicola Anthony returns with another video, this time looking at your inner critic while talking to an art critic.

The #InnerCritic is something many are dealing with during this unusual time. What helps you to quieten the negative thoughts? This video shares tips about pausing that Critical Voice from creatives & from art critic Tabish Khan @LondonArtCritic, plus research from Psychologist @rickhansonphd on why it exists in the first place.


Green Ribbon


Don't forget it's Green Ribbon Month! While it’s very different May and the campaign has been postponed, you can still have conversations around mental health with your friends and family. Someone you know might really appreciate a check in and a chat right now.

You can download See Change’s support pack here.



Stay tuned Monday 11th 11am for a very special surprise on our social media! (Shhh it's a secret so don't tell anyone- but do tell everybody!)

See ye next week!


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