Q&A with comic Eve Darcy, MC of AFOG mental health variety show

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create 06 November 2018

Q. Tell us about the idea behind the AFOG show…it has a life as a podcast as well as a live variety show?

AFOG Show is a variety show comprising music, comedy, spoken word and poetry, with a mental health and existential theme throughout. AFOG stands for ‘Another F*ing Opportunity for Growth’ – and the ‘F word’ can be any ‘F word’; so it could be: ‘Another Fabulously Fantastic Opportunity for Growth!’

AFOGs represent those challenging life lessons we all have to learn throughout our lives in order to grow and progress as functioning and evolved human beings. They can be painful and tedious, but are made easier when met with humour and understanding.

I wanted to put on this show in order to provide a space for performers and audiences alike to share these common life / human experiences with one another in a safe space as I believe that so much good can be channelled through the creative arts.

There is also a podcast, called ‘AFOG Pod’ which is currently being revamped and will now involve me interviewing a different person about the AFOGs they’ve experienced in their lives and how their life, mental and emotional well-being are going.

Q. What can an audience expect from the next AFOG night coming up in the Workman’s this Thursday, February 22? 

The line-up for February’s show (Thursday 22nd Feb) is a really terrific one and will include performances from: Laura Byrne, Ryan Cullen, spoken word from the very talented Lewis Kenny, more comedy from Aidan Greene and the hilarious Erin McGathy will be headlining.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your own background in performing and your preoccupations… Your previous show That’s Why took a philosophical look at mental health and the human condition?

I have been doing stand-up comedy for seven years. Last year was my first run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my show That’s Why – it’s a show about my life generally, as well as dealing with some of the struggles I had along the way, which ultimately were the result of anxiety going berserk.

So I deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, the consequences of a lack of emotional awareness, alcohol dependency, eating disorders, therapy and getting my life on track. The show also has an existential theme to it, with both me and the audience pondering the meaning of life…. so nothing too heavy for a comedy show!

Q. What’s coming up next for you that has you excited?

I’m looking forward to doing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival again this year. I really enjoyed it last year and am looking forward to learning and growing more as a comedian as I prepare for that and as I experience it.

Q. What are three tunes you turn to for inspiration or to give yourself a lift…?

Tunes that I like to listen to for motivation include:

Lily Allen – Hard Out Here



Emeli Sandé – Read All About It



U.M.A.N.  – Flamin’ Day




Another F***** Opportunity for Growth: Mental Health Lite Variety Show is on Thursday, February 22 and various monthly dates thereafter in Dublin’s Workman’s Club, see for details.

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