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“Writing my way out of that cave”- Meg Grehan on working through anxiety and agoraphobia Blog

“Writing about anxiety and agoraphobia and all of the other beasties made them seem smaller somehow. It made me bigger somehow. I started to feel my head get lighter, I started to feel my feet touch the ground again.” Author Meg Grehan recently published The Space Between, a beautiful free verse novel about a young woman experiencing isolation and mental health struggles who finds warmth, love...

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How beating an eating disorder inspired a cartoon character Blog

A NEW Irish graphic novel deals with eating disorders in a humorous and imaginative way – Loopy Loo: A story of Beating Bulimia is available on Amazon, written and illustrated by Dan Reynolds and inspired by the story of Rosalyn Sheehy who decided to share her tale of recovery to help others going through similar issues. First Fortnight spoke to Rosalyn about how the book...

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