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Feel the Fear with Peachy Dublin All Posts / Art Therapy / Street Art

ART collective Peachy Dublin invite you to a three day festival of art, music and ideas in Dublin’s Templebar Studios this weekend, based around the concept of Fear. It features artwork by established and new names, including street artist Maser and a collaboration with the Repeal the 8th Project. Here Peachy’s Clare O’Hanlon explain what it’s all about… Q. What’s the idea behind Peachy and...

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‘We all have our inner critics’ – interview with the creators of Big Bobby Little Bobby All Posts / Blog

BIG Bobby Little Bobby, winner of the First Fortnight Fringefest Award 2015, is back for another run for our FF’16 festival in January 2016. Brazen Tales Productions’ dark comedy stars Camille Lucy Ross, doing psychological and physical battle with her character Roberta’s dissociative personalities, giving voice to both her overbearing mother and demonic inner child, the ‘Little Bobby’ of the title. The production, co-written and directed...

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