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Calm in your palm – three free Mindfulness apps tried and tested Untagged

  WE’VE all heard how practicing mindfulness and meditation can reduce stress – but how to go about it? Even with books and web tutorials showing you the ropes, finding the time and inclination to fit in regular meditation sessions is tricky. This is where Mindfulness apps come in handy – I tested three apps free to download from the App Store (in-app purchases are...

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Light through darkness (Photo: Dori/ Wiki Commons) All Posts / Blog

By Fiona Smith @FiFilebon As we continue through the darkest days of winter, many of us will feel the lack of warmth and light affecting our mood. While that’s only natural, the spectre of Seasonal Affective Disorder, somewhat cheesily acronymed SAD, looms large in Ireland. Our weather afflictions – on top of the fact that the clocks go back an hour each autumn – mean...

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