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The #FiveOnFriday Spotify Playlist Blog

OVER the last while our #FiveonFriday questionnaire has asked a series of artists and mental health advocates, including the band Mongoose, filmmaker Nick Kelly and comic Alison Spittle, to select songs they tend to turn to if they aren’t feeling on top form, their top three or so ‘comfort tracks’ – the ones they find soothing or uplifting in some way or the ones that never...

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We Cut Corners at The Therapy Sessions. 

Photo: Kieran Frost (http://www.kieranfrost.com) Untagged

Stephen Clare, Saint Sister, Stephen James Smith, Jennifer Evans, Molly Case, Spies and We Cut Corners at the Workmans Club. Photos: Kieran Frost

#FiveonFriday…with Saint Sister Blog

FIRST Fortnight’s #fiveonfriday blog aims to provide an insight into the performers, artists and creative minds who get involved in the festival. By posting five questions and answers every Friday, we hope not just to entertain but to keep the conversation about mental health going throughout the year. First up is dreamy folk duo Saint Sister performing as part of FF16 at the We Cut Corners-curated...

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