First Fortnight Artistic Policy

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person by Edel
create 04 March 2020

Our festival aims to be versatile and approachable for maximum accessibility. Therefore, we wish to present high quality events from a variety of art forms.


Any work submitted for festival consideration is based on the following priorities:

·         Does the piece have artistic merit?

·         Does it identify with the ethos of First Fortnight?

·         Does it have a mental health connection?

·         Does it give an insight into mental health issues or challenge views?

·         Is it an authentic or accurate portrayal we can stand behind?

·         What is the experience of the artist involved?

·         What audience does this piece attract and does it apply to any of our aims from our audience development strategy?

·         Is it an audience or participatory piece of work?

·         Is there a way to allow the audience to interact e.g. post show discussion or workshop?

·         Is this a new piece or a remounted piece of work?

·         Does this piece bridge a gap in our programme?

·         Does it explore a new artistic area of element of the mental health conversation we haven't explored yet?

·         Is this too alike to anything we are or have already programmed?

·         Is it potentially stigmatising?


With a limited budget we must carefully weigh up each potential festival piece with the above priorities in the context of our overall festival.

Photo credit: Michael Duggan

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