First Fortnight Festival 2022 Submission Call Out

First Fortnight challenges mental health prejudice and stigma through arts and cultural action and programmes events that create spaces for unscripted conversations around mental health.
The theme of our 11thfestival in 2022 is “Open.”

Are you a mental health arts champion?
First Fortnight is Ireland’s Mental Health Arts & Culture Festival.
First Fortnight challenges mental health prejudice and stigma through arts and cultural action and programmes events that create spaces for unscripted conversations around mental health.
First Fortnight Festival 2022 will run from January 2nd-16th.
The theme of our 11th festival in 2022 is “Open.”
During a time when it can be easy to feel disconnected, when venues have closed their doors, when families and communities had to stay apart, we want to focus on the many creative ways we can remain open.
Open to hope, to trust, to embrace a new reality filled with infinite possibilities, new ideas and change.
To open up to other people, to start conversations
To risk being seen …exactly as you are
To dare to be open and honest with who and how we are
To gently open up to explore our dreams
To be open to the challenges that may frustrate but also motivate us to find new ways
Open to find ways to embrace or return to the arts and cultural events
Open to picking up a paintbrush, a pen ,a microphone/hairbrush and diving into the wonder and experience of becoming a creator
We want this to be a festival open to everyone.
We are open to new fledgling ideas ready to take flight but are also supportive of remounting pieces of work/events that have already flown with great success.
If you have an idea for a proposal that you would like to organise as part of First Fortnight Festival 2021, please submit using the Google Form!
Please check out our artistic policy available here before submitting.
Deadline JULY 22 5pm Irish Time
Due to Covid, we have reviewed what is feasible and how we can offer a programme of events for people to enjoy which also keeps everybody safe.
All submitted works must be digital, or physical with a possible digital alternative. The physical version of the event must follow all recommended Covid health and safety guidelines and have a Covid safety plan.  Regrettably we cannot accept any purely physical events that don’t have a digital alternative.
While we celebrate all opportunities to collaborate with international artists, unfortunately this year we are unable to accept work featuring international artists whose collaboration would involve inward international travel.
Please note First Fortnight has a limited budget and capacity and while we are unable to programme all events, we fully encourage mental health arts events around the country throughout the year.
Submission Criteria:
Submissions with a budget above €500 will be expected to demonstrate other sources of funding and/or partners.
While we work with venues throughout the country please let us know if you have identified a particular venue and include venue rental costing or flag any benefit in kind support offered by your venue.
Theatre submissions must include a script and film submissions must include a screener
The submitted budget must include income and expenditure and expected box office where event has entry fee.
Items featured in past budgets include artist fee, director/co-ordinator fee, venue rental, rehearsal rental, employer’s liability insurance, tech, travel and accommodation, online event streaming, materials, photographer/videographer fee. Note not all of these will be relevant to everyone!

Shared Commitments
You- The Artist & Champion commits to:

Providing the event and being responsible for managing all aspects and costs in relation to The Event including fees to all artists and personnel and all logistical, technical production and presentation items/costs.
Managing the responsibility of obtaining all relevant copywrite and permissions in relation to use of intellectual property for all aspects of the event.
Keeping to the provided timeframes and deadlines that are essential for the First Fortnight machine to run smoothly e.g. providing requested materials for festival programme.
Endeavouring to make yourself available for PR opportunities should they arise.
Giving a shout out to FF AKA crediting FF on the event/project as co-producer/supporter/mutually agreed credit title.
Being part of a team with us. #goteam

First Fortnight commits to:

Providing a platform and inclusion in our print and digital programme.
Shouting from the rooftops about all events and artists and providing as much PR support as possible through the festival to the artists.
Paying you promptly upon receiving your invoice.
Helping Hand – seeking volunteer support in your area to help out if needed.
Being part of a team with you, #goteam

Photo Credit- Kieran Frost

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