Social Narratives

At First Fortnight we are always working to make our festival more inclusive.

This year we have social narratives available for five of our events for those who might find them helpful. Social narratives are helpful tools for those who might struggle with going to new places. They enable audience members to get an insight into what to expect of an event before arriving, including visuals of the venue, sensory input such as lighting and sound, how they will be greeted and how they can seek support from staff and volunteers. We have social narratives available for Therapy Sessions in Dublin, Silva Lumina in the Botanical Gardens, Cistin at St Patrick’s University Hospital and Sam’s Collective Open Mic Event at Wigwam in Dublin. Our friends at Smock Alley Theatre have also developed a social narrative for those attending events at Smock Alley over the course of the festival. 

If you or someone you know would benefit from the support of a social narrative, you can find them here for a number of venues:

Smock Alley Social Narrative

Silva Lumina Social Narrative

Sam’s Collective Social Narrative 

Cistin Social Narrative for Outpatients and Members of Public

Therapy Sessions Social Narrative 

If you have any access requirements in order to attend any of the First Fortnight 2024 Festival events, you can contact 

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