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Spoken Word
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First Fortnight Europe takes a look at how different art forms can challenge mental health stigma. This year, it’s bigger than ever with more than 150 events all over Ireland. Here we highlight 5 of the many must-see Spoken Word and Poetry Events as part of the festival.


All OutStraight Block Party

This event is sold out, and for good reason! The line-up is jam-packed with the best of Irish talent. Spanning from graffiti, spoken word and music, this is going to be one of the best parties of 2019.

This is more than just spoken word, but Emmet Kirwan is sure to steal the limelight. And words will be spoken during a panel discussion called: ‘Drug Policy in Ireland: Where are we at?’



Lysis is a docudrama about people’s experiences living with mental health issues. They are navigating their way through society’s stigma and their own mental health. They are looking to be recognised for who they are as people, not their diagnoses.

It’s a piece celebrating human strength and is taking place in Dublin, Louth and Kildare.


Therapy Sessions

These are a staple of First Fortnight and always a great experience. Each event is hosted by MC Stephen James Smith, who just this year released his first book of poetry, Fear Not.

In Dublin, Therapy Sessions on January 4th are curated by The Academic and Stephen James Smith. January 11th sees Stephen James Smith and Saint Sister choose the performers. Both events take place in The Workman’s Club.

In Cork, Therapy Sessions take place on January 12th, curated by Stephen James Smith and Stephanie Rainey.


Raven and The Crone

We don’t know a huge amount about this production taking place in the New Theatre Dublin. However, the subtitle ‘spoken word theatre for the heart’ is something that shouldn’t be ignored. We’re invited to ‘bring the rough stuff with’ us, so this is sure to be an inviting and interesting approach towards mental health.


Vintage Tea and Storytelling Sharing for 24/7 Carers

Being a full-time carer is hard, and oftentimes carers can forget about self-care. This event in Leitrim invites carers to come, have a cup of tea and share stories of their ancestors, all while taking a much-earned break.

FF Europe is an Arts & Culture Festival that challenges the stigma of mental health through art and performances by 140 artists from 22 countries.


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