Though our need to connect is innate, many of us frequently feel alone. International artist Nicola Anthony has worked with individuals in Wexford who feel isolated, displaced, or lonely. From the stories they told her about their lives, she has created an immersive installation of interwoven text sculptures: some kinetic, others hovering in mid air. The exhibition will wrap you up in stories about the experience of loneliness, and help you to reconnect.

Nicola Anthony’s work provides insight into others alongside glimpses into the hidden parts of ourselves, and has been called “a journal of a thousand souls”. Based in Dublin, Nicola has travelled the world to work with disenfranchised communities and find the essence of what connects us all as human beings. Her life’s work is to collect human testimonies, empowering and transforming them into contemporary art. In the last 2 years, her work featuring the stories of Irish emmigrants to the USA and Holocaust survivors who escaped Europe, have become public sculptures in Los Angeles, Colorado, and Singapore.



Presented by First Fortnight in partnership with Presentation Arts Centre

Event has now passed
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