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Tickety-boo health will be joined by Dr. Shay Ward, fitness & wellness expert Jody Kennedy and cognitive rehabilitation facilitator Matt Burke for an informative and lively discussion on the holistic approach to mental health.

Dr. Shay Ward currently works in psychiatric services for St John of God. Shay is also a qualified psychotherapist and is a strong advocate for the holistic approach to mental health.

Jody Kennedy is a fitness instructor and health professional. He believes the answer to many of our modern ailments lies in the ways of our ancient ancestors. Reconnecting with ancestral ways of moving, eating, interacting with our social/family circles and exploring our natural environment.

Matt Burke is cognitive rehabilitation facilitator at the National Rehabilitation Hospital. He is also host of the popular Magic Minds podcast which features interviews and topics were mental health is a core theme.

The panel has been selected with diversity in mind, bringing together individuals who will discuss mental health from different perspectives invoking discussion and debate with the audience.


Event has now passed
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