This event, hosted by the Balor Theatre will be the First Fortnight Festival’s debut outing in Co. Donegal. Blending local and national acts it will feature music, song, dramaíocht and comedy with short talks from local mental health advocates and video inserts from household names.

The show is headlined by our wellbeing ‘Banarama’ guru Kevin McAleer, whose deadpan genius and anarchic Irish wit has deservedly earned him a cult following. The evening will weave together snappy, thought-provoking talks with acts who intentionally use the arts to boost their mental wellbeing. The line-up includes the Beyond Blue Choir from Work link, Dungloe who formed their choir to harness the wellbeing benefits of singing, Mo Bhagáiste’, an original bilingual re-reading of Seosamh Mac Grianna by Pól Ó Gallachóir and Wee Small Gods, who will lift spirits with their reggae infused set of original music.

Speakers will include Bill Vaughan of Mental Health Ireland & Donegal Mind Wellness, Maria Coleman & Linda Uí Ghallachóir of LÁMHA (Life Affirming Mental Health Action), Angeline Driver of Cycle for Suicide and Peadar McDaid of Create-a-Link.

This unique evening will also have a special visit from your favourite childhood superstar, Bosco!

Coordinated by Comhcheol Arts and Wellness.

Music Discussion Theatre

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