'What's the story?'

Universal stories are everywhere, experienced as personal and unique.

Playback Theatre can hear our stories, enact them back to us as an audience and community, so we feel part of each other through recognition and sharing. 

Join our performance to see your everyday events come to life on your screen, as Full Circle transforms them into dramatic and compassionate theatre through the use of body, voice and music.

Full Circle works with the various tools of Playback Theatre to put all the different aspects of mental life onto the stage, where it is shown in a theatrical, entertaining and often healing way. The actor’s response to hearing a story is a creative, spontaneous, physical improvisation within a framework of structured ritual, using body, voice and colorful cloths. The Playback musician adds the soundtrack to these improvisations which enhances the theatricality of and connection to the enactments. People’s stories are not embellished, not improved, but sensitively acted back to them, and witnessed by the audience, who can agree or disagree with what they are witnessing and can in their turn share their own story.

Duration - 1hr 30 mins


Presented in partnership with St Patrick's Mental Health Services

Event has now passed
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